Lobster Claw Clasp In Lanyard

Lobster claw clasp is also known as a lobster clasp, lobster claw, bocklebee clasp, leg hand frank and trigger clasp. It is a type of fastener that works and is held through a lever primarily through a fingernail.

A metal clip with the shape of a lobster claw is latched and unlatched by pushing down the clip.

The lobster claw is used to attach to lanyards, jewellers, chains, and keychains and they are mostly used in bracelets and necklaces. It has a pinching mechanism which is why it is called a lobster claw. It is a common clasp used in necklaces. It is way heavier and stronger than other types of clasps.

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  • Lobster claw is very strong and durable option for jewelry.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It works ideally with heavy and chunky jewellery.
  • It is easy to repair.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It has a simple and reliable mechanism.
  • It is not goofy with dainty or thin jewellery.
  • It can be difficult to open sometimes.
  • When the lever snaps the class is no longer in use.

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Frequently Asked Question [From Buyers]

Yes, it is easy to work with big lobster clasp. But small lobster clasp can be difficult to open for people with big hands.

Yes, the lobster claws can be customized in different colours. Usually, they are made in silver and gold hues.

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