How It’s Made Woven Clothing Labels

How It’s Made Woven Clothing Labels

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Woven labels can be used to brand and label a variety of products, including clothing. The labels are created by weaving together threads to create an effect. How It’s Made Woven Clothing Labels. You can find them on shirts, jeans, hats, and other types of clothing. You can use them for a variety of things, such as a sponsor tagline or logo. Some choose simple patterns. Others choose more complex designs that are pleasing to the eye.

These labels, which are made of fabric, display information like brand names, care instructions, or size details on clothing. These labels are usually stitched into the inside seams and hems on garments. These labels serve many purposes including branding, providing vital information, and adding a professional touch to clothing.

Labels are essential for clothing. The label can contain important information such as the fabric, the washing and ironing instructions, the size, and other details. Have you ever wondered how woven clothing labels are made? This is a guide that shows you How It’s Made Woven Clothing Labels

How It’s Made Woven Clothing Labels A Step-By-Step Guide

A step-by-step tutorial on how it’s made Woven Clothing labels in different colors.

Step 1: Artwork Creation

The first step in How It’s Made Woven Clothing Labels involves designing the label. This can be done on a computer or the old-fashioned method with pen and paper. The most popular modern way is to use a cell phone application. It may seem easy but it can be difficult because many companies who offer woven labels require a high-resolution vector image to get the best results. We prefer .df,, or .eps file types to ensure the best possible image.

Consider the label’s size, color, and shape. Consider how you want to incorporate your logo or decide not to include it. Do not forget to leave space at the edge of the label where it will be folded.

Step 2: Create A Stitch File

We will take your design and art file, and convert it into a file that is used by the loom. The stitch file is used to transfer the design from your computer to an embroidery machine or loom. These machines speak a language that is used to create stitch files.

Step 3: Set Up The Loom

The loom technician must enter the stitch file into the loom so that the machine can read the design. It will then create the weaving pattern for the clothing label.

Step 4: Running The Loom

The type of loom used to create your labels will depend on the type of woven clothing label that you need. Broad looms, needle looms, air jet looms, and shuttle looms are some of the types of looms. Watch the video to see our looms at work.

Step 5: Finishing

How It’s Made Woven Clothing Labels conclude with the final step of folding or fusing edges. You have several options. There are many options here. You can choose a label with a straight cut or one that has different types of folds.

Your preference and the type of clothing you will be using will determine how the label is folded. Depending on the fold you choose, it may be necessary to sew your label to your clothing. Here are some of the most popular options.


You need to remember several things when it comes to how to make Woven Clothing labels. You won’t be allowed to design a label as intricately because you will be creating a woven one instead of a printed label. You should try to stick with a limited number of colors. This will simplify the weaving process and save you money. You can now easily add a woven label to your clothing collection.

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