Chenille Patches For Letterman Jacket

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Getting a Letterman jacket is the ultimate celebration. It purports that you have attained a particular level of prominence. Whether you are a part of an athletic team or in a marching gathering, these jackets give you a sense of self-satisfaction and fulfillment. However, no Letterman jacket is perfect without a custom chenille patch. The inadequacy of a chenille patch on a Letterman jacket is like lemonade without lemons: At Austin trim, we have offered a variety of chenille emblems according to your jacket need.

Attributes of Chenille Patch:

Chenille refers to caterpillar in the French language, which makes so much judgment when interpreting what chenille looks and feels like. Chenille material is a soft and woolly material. This material gives retro looks and is a staple when it comes to determining a patch for your Letterman jacket. The significant element about chenille patches is that we can consolidate three different mechanisms of design: chenille, regular, embroidery, and applique. This produces a vibrant custom design!


When designing chenille embroidered patches, we have to use a different machine that we usually use for regular embroidered patches. Chenille will give your custom patch a freakish look and will empower your Letterman jacket to look outstanding. We have experienced and cooperative team who are well familiar with the custom chenille emblem process, which keeps our valuable customer satisfied.

It’s so thrilling to work on custom embroidered patches that one day it would be the part of our customer’s pride moments. Chenille patches not only value to the Letterman jacket but make it look special for the distinctive person. These patches indicate your followed dream, work hard behind the goals you achieved. Let Austin trim create representable patches for your Letterman jacket, to meriting it more.

Why choose Chenille patches for Letterman jacket from Austin Trim?

Chenille patches for sure looks incredible and evident on the Letterman jacket other than other kinds. These patches are practical, fashionable, long-lasting, and will leave an enduring impact on your letter man  jacket as long as to keep it. You have an open option to select the shape, size, and color of your choice or demand Austin trim’s representative to do it for you! We can customize the chenille patches according to your vision.

We have numerous different styles to determine from for our valuable customers, which is why we are gratified to be one of the favorite sellers for our customizable products. Our chenille patches would reflect the honor, and prestige of all your achievements. Chenille patches can be crumbled on Letterman jackets for academics, tournaments, musical accomplishments, or more!

Furthermore, if you have any doubts or questions regarding the chenille patches or its combination with a Letterman jacket, feel free to contact us. Our representatives are available to remove all your confusion for free before you make an order for your valuable occasion.

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