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Types Of Patches

Patches come along with different kinds and variations in price, material, durability, and texture. At Austin trim, we know it can be overwhelming for our customers who are not much familiar with the correct selection according to their product. We have specialized in the manufacturing of custom patches and would love to share the essential difference in these types of patches.

  • Embroidered patches
  • PVC patches
  • Chenille patches
  • Woven patches
  • Leather patches
  • Name patches
  • Printed patches
  • Bullion patches

Embroidered Patches

If you are looking for high contrast designs, embroidered patches are the most suitable. Embroidered patches are made through the combination of many colorful threads to enhance better your design and give out the logo or drawing that pops out in the best way on your product.

PVC Patches

The patch with a three-dimensional effect with the real feel looks excellent on the product of your choice.PVC patches are rough, its threads with the absorbant qualities, to swallow mud and water, etc.

Chenille Patches

chenille patches are old fashioned, but these are back in trend because of its warm, wooly fluff. Although threads don’t expose many details clearly, they reflect simple text or design well. They go fine with woolen, warm caps, socks, and sweaters.

Woven Patches

If you really need to incorporate small details to be shown off on your logo, a woven patch is the best choice to make.Its tighter weave allows even the smallest letter to deliver even in the small amount of space. They are best for short text rather than embroidery work.

 Leather Patches

Mild, fashionable — leather patches leave a mark.

The most common and popular spot often used by many fashion brands, outdoor bags labels, leather depicts both the highest and outdoorsy class. At Austin Trim, we offer both luxurious thick skin and faux leather.

Name Patches

By name, this embroidered patch exhibits the purpose. You can wear your trademark, slogan, and signature. Name patch can be made from the material and color of your choice, probably the color, which is the significant portion of your product or which is distinct for your brand. This patch is best for business, which accommodates the crew to develop together with the brand.

Printed Patches

Give your dreams a factual portrait. Printed patches are mostly used to print design on t-shirts because these labels are easy and comfortable to be printed on wearing items usually. It contains much of detailing or characters, with affordable price with super fast delivery.

Bullion Patches

The royal patch with most fascinating appearances. Design for VIPS, brand programming purpose. It contains 80percent of metal and rests velvet with absolutely high quality looks. Bullion patch doesn’t fit into the budget with extended time to make by hand.

There is an arrangement of various patch models because there are many perspectives that must be acknowledged, such as price, material, turnaround term, stability, texture, and much more. Opportunely, at Austin trim, we offer several choices — that approach, you can find the faultless patch that gratifies your brand!

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