How To Add Velcro Patch To Backpack

How To Add Velcro Patch To Backpack

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Velcro patches are a great way to customize and accessorize your backpack. They allow you to show off your interests, hobbies, or style. How To Add Velcro Patch To Backpack is a great way to customize your backpack. They can be used to show off a favorite band or design, support a cause, and more.

No matter where we are, many of us have faced the same challenge: how to proudly display our loyalty to a favorite sports team or military unit. Despite the limited space available on lapel pins and caps, it is sometimes difficult to show our love for our favorite sports team or military branch. Velcro patches are a great solution for this.

You can embroider any logo, message, or insignia on any bag, jacket, or other looped surfaces using a Velcro Patch. Learn how to add a Velcro patch to your backpack without using a needle. Let’s get started!

This is a complete guide on how to add a Velcro patch to a backpack

How To Add Velcro Patch To BackpackWhat Is Important To Know

The following are the steps and materials needed to add a Velcro patch to the backpack


Make sure the backpack has an area suitable for attaching patches. The most common areas are the front, the sides, or the shoulder straps.

1. Velcro P|atches: Choose the patches you want based on their design, size, and shape.

2. Adhesive Velcro Hook-And-Loop Tape: Buy self-adhesive Velcro in a color that matches your patch or backpack.

Step-By-Step Guide:

This is a guide that shows you how to add a Velcro patch to your backpack.

Step 1. Select The Placement

  • Choose where you would like to place the Velcro patches. To ensure better adhesion, clean and dry the area.

Step 2 – Prepare The Backpack And Patch

  • Make sure the area chosen on the backpack and the patch are both clean and dry. Dirt or residues can affect the Velcro tape’s adhesion.

Step 3: Cut Velcro Tape

  • Cut the Velcro tape according to the shape and size of the patch. Cut the Velcro tape on both the loop (soft side) and hook (rough side).

Step 4: Attach Velcro Tape To The Patch

  • The Velcro tape is now ready to be used.
  • Stick the hook-and-loop tape pieces carefully to the backside of the patch. Make sure they are aligned properly so that the whole patch is covered.

Step 5: Attach Velcro Tape On The Backpack

  • Remove the backing of the Velcro tape that is attached to the patch.
  • Position the patch carefully on the chosen area of the bag. To ensure a tight attachment, press firmly.

Step 6 – Apply Pressure And Allow Adhesion

  • The Velcro tape will adhere better to the surface of the backpack if you apply pressure for a couple of minutes.
  • Allow the Velcro tape to set up for a few days or according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 7: Test The Product And Reapply It If Necessary

  • Test the adhesion of the patch by tugging gently on its edges. If the patch feels loose, apply more pressure and give it time to bond.

Tips For Longevity:

  • Avoid Frequent Removing: Velcro patches were designed to be easily attached and removed, but frequent removal can weaken the adhesive.
  • Regular Inspection: Periodically inspect the patches to make sure they are securely attached. If necessary, reapply the Velcro tape or reinforce it.
  • Clean With Care: Avoid vigorous scrubbing of patches when cleaning your backpack to avoid damage.


How to add Velcro patches to backpack by following these steps, you can add Velcro patches to your backpack. This allows you to show off your personality and interests, while also ensuring that the attachment is durable and secure. This DIY method lets you customize your backpack for any reason, whether it is fashion, identification, or personal expression.

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