Woven vs Knit Patches – Which One Do I Choose?

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When deciding on the perfect custom patch, we weighed the benefits of woven vs knit patches.

Knit and woven patches are two different techniques used in custom patch design. Each has its own unique features that suit different applications and preferences. The intricate weaving technique is used to create woven patches, which have a smooth surface and fine details. Woven patches are known for their precision, and for the ability to capture intricate patterns. They’re a great choice for logos and artwork that require fine details and lines. Knit patches, on the other hand are made using a knitting technique that creates a three-dimensional and textured design. These patches have a raised pattern that gives them a distinct tactile appearance. Knit patches are more comfortable and unique than woven patches.

This article will help you to make an informed choice by explaining the differences between woven patches and knitted patches.

Woven Versus Knit Patches

The fashion industry continually experiments with trends, and the contrasting textures offered by woven vs knit patches play a pivotal role in creating dynamic and visually appealing garments.

Custom patches are a versatile and popular way to personalize clothing, uniforms and accessories. The right type of patch can be used for corporate branding, team recognition, or even personal expression. The two most common types of patches are knit and woven patches. Each type has unique advantages and characteristics.

Woven patches:

The intricate patterns of woven patches are made by weaving together threads to create the designs. They are popular for their crisp and detailed appearance. This makes them a great choice for logos, small texts, or detailed artwork. The weaving process involves the interlacing of different colored threads. This allows for a variety of colors and intricate designs.

The advantages of woven patches:

High Detail: Woven patch designs are able to capture intricate details with precision and lines.

Durability Woven patch are durable, and can withstand daily wear and tear. They are suitable for long term use.

Professional Appearance The smooth surfaces and sharp lines on woven patches give them a polished, professional appearance. They are a popular option for corporate logos and company uniforms.

Flexibility Woven patch are thin, flexible and conform seamlessly to fabric contours.

Knit patches:

Knit patches are made using a knitting technique that creates a three-dimensional and textured design. The threads of the patch are stitched to create a raised design. Knitted patches are chosen for their unique texture and appearance, which adds a tactile element.

The advantages of Knit Patches 

Textured Designs: Knit Patches have a raised and textured design that gives the patch a distinct and tactile feel.

Versatility of Design: Woven patches are best suited to intricate details. Knit patches, however, shine when used in designs that have a three-dimensional embossed appearance.

Comfortable Knitted patches are more comfortable, especially when worn on clothing that comes in contact with skin. They are also softer and less stiff.

Heat: Due to the thickness and layers of the knit, it can provide extra warmth in cold weather.

Choose the Right Patch

Consider the design of the patch and its intended use, as well as your personal preferences, when deciding whether to choose woven or knit patches. Woven patches are a good choice if your design demands intricate details and an elegant appearance. Knit patches are a good option if you want a raised, textured design that has a unique look.


Woven vs knit patches both woven and knit patches offer distinct advantages, and the choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. You can make a more informed choice by understanding the differences between the two types of patches. This will ensure that your custom patches are designed to meet your needs in terms of durability and aesthetic appeal. You can choose between the precision of woven or knit patches. Both options will enhance the customization of your clothing.


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