Top 06 Uses for Embroidered Patches

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Uses for Embroidered Patches

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Embroidered patches will never let you down! Yes did you ever make an embroidered patch for your denim or old pants? They look fancy. Isn’t it? Embroidered patches can recreate the look for your clothing or they can also hide the torn parts of the fabric. These patches can add a fashion statement to your likes or define your personality. Where the embroidery patches have a great variety of use to make your fashion look better, it also uses to spread a message by customization used for various purposes such as sports military organizations motorbike clubs, etc.In our article, we have covered the top 15 uses for embroidered patches and how they will help you to style anything with them. Let’s get into it:

06 Uses For Embroidered Patches

What to do with embroidery patches? These are the six popular ideas people use them most for:


Embroidered patches are the best way to show your team’s spirit and passion for your sports patches. Many embroidered patches are customized to define different sports groups such as football volleyball baseball basketball soccer tennis and other sports.

Motorcycle clubs:

Motorcycle embroidered patches are the popular choice of all motorbike and cyclists groups. They feel pride and a sense of togetherness by having the patches all over their leather jackets. These embroidered patches are either stitched or attached with iron-on backing. Learn how to attach embroidered patches to a leather jacket.

Boy Scouts:

Embroidered patches give you a sense of achievement and let you enjoy the spirit you have for something. In a world where young troops are achieving scores and ranks, they are given several patches for their individuality. What if our young stars can create their own customizable patch? I think this is one of the most adorable uses for embroidered patches.

Law enforcement:

You must have seen people with authority having embroidered patches on their shoulders. These patches have so many details on them about their rank and the area they serve. Embroidered patches are widely used in various sectors of law enforcement agencies to demonstrate the authority of that individual.

Military Uniforms:

The military has the most use of embroidered patches. In the military embroidered patches play a major role either to distinguish one unit from the other or to designate assignments or missions to the individual or a specific unit. Military patches are a source of pride and unity among them.


Are you supporting feminism Is there your birthday next month Do you want to surprise your parents on their anniversary Is your favorite band performing today what about commemorating breast cancer awareness there is a lot more than embroidered patches can do to display anything you want. You can proudly wear them on your shirts jackets bags hats or jeans because they give possibly the best style statement to anything!

So talking about style let’s have a look at how can we wear them or style embroidered patches on our clothing. There are multiple ways to use patches we have covered the most trendy uses for embroidered patches in the list below.

08 Trendy Ways for How to Use Patches on Clothes?

So as we are about to see how different placements and uses of embroidered patches can make your look from stylish and elegant to rebellious and bold. Embroidered patches are love! Because they can simply be put onto anything like t-shirts jeans denim jackets bags sweats sneakers and even phone cases. They are trendy and never go out of fashion.

These are the 08 most stylish ways to wear embroidered patches:

Hippie Style:

A stylish hippie patch can look adorable! Okay, just sew the embroidered patches on the upper-back side of your jeans (if you have pockets you can place your patch on them as well). Use colorful patterns for an authentic hippie style like sunshine rainbows lollipops and sort of these things!

Heavy Metal Lover:

To create a classy 80s metalhead look, create a look with your denim jacket and add a bunch of cool patches on it, wear it over a black or white tea, and with a denim skirt or jeans. For a complete look use a dog tag necklace or a bullet belt for a finished look.

Less is More:

If you are still not ready to use embroidered patches you can start with a one; simple yet attractive patch. Apply the patch onto your old tee and pair it with a tattoo choker and a pair of jeans for a stylish grunge look. You will love this idea!

Military Jacket:

Military jackets are the best place to put your patches on! They give a bold, stylish, and glamorous look when paired with some jewels and pins. There are many ways to incorporate embroidered patches onto your military vest or jacket – add a single patch or a bunch of your favorites (but keep the rest outfit black in case of multiple patches) on the front and sleeves to embellish them. Use any sort of colors and patches to make it stand out and in style.

A sporty, chic look:

To get a sporty, chic look you must create this look! A casual black and white varsity dress with a long black coat (with patches on it) either on one side of the blazer/coat or both. Wear a baseball cap for a finished look! Isn’t it crazy?

On your Jeans:

A busy pair of jeans look perfect for a sunny beach day! Add a bunch of cute funky patches on your jeans from top to down on each leg; and see how well it goes with a leather jacket, studded bag, and a matching scarf.

On a Leather Jacket:


Be a rock star today! Inspire your friends by creating the most elegant look at your favorite band concert. When it comes to styling your leather jackets can be your good friends. Customize your leather jacket with a couple of patches on the left and right sides – or add more patches overall on the jacket for a bold look! Pair it with a black tee lace top and black pants for a finished look.

On a Denim Jacket:

Denim jackets are the modern fashion! Denim love makes us rethink some creative ways to make it more in style and trendy. And adding patches to the denim is make them stand more!


Let your imagination come into the real world. Style what you like, how you like! Uses for embroidered patches are never boring. However, the general rule is to keep the rest of the outfit simple so the attention should be there where you want it to be.

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