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Enamel pins and lapel pins are an exciting and new way of transforming your fashion attire. They add a unique appeal that makes your outfit stand out with your outlook. Lapel pins add fun to fashion and may be entirely new for some people. But everyone must have owned enamel pins in their junior years because they were a trend even then. So to increase the attractiveness of your outfit, lapel pins and enamel pins are used in various ways. People tend to go for enamel pins and lapel pins with different types of pin-backs. Some prefer safety pin backing, some like butterfly-clasp, and some magnetic backing.

The beauty in this trend of enamel pins and lapel pins is very creative. And these little fashion products are turning into a long-delayed comeback. The range of both enamel pins and lapel pins is so huge that you can depict your hoppy and political point with just a chic, hippy, and urban style. You can also reflect your romantic and Goth style through these pins.

So in this article, after discussing the lapel pins and enamel pins, we will tell you about the different types of pin backs and their features that may help you select the one you like. So let us get down to it.

List OF 6 Types OF Pin back

  1. Butterfly clasp
  2. Rubber clutch
  3. Jewellery clutch
  4. Magnetic backing
  5. Safety pin
  6. Deluxe clutch

What Are Enamel Pins?

In British English, enamel pins are known as badges. Enamel pins have a small two-dimensional shape of any image. For instance, there are enamel pins in the shapes of cute flowers, cartoons, cats, sailors, fruits, and all kinds of things people are fond of.

People sometimes have enamel pins to show their love for their pet animals. Collecting sporty enamel pins is also a very cool hobby, and enamel pins also reflect your other hobbies like reading, gardening, backing, etc., and creates an association with other people with the same hobbies.

These cute little pins also highlight the fashion style these days. Enamel pins are trendy, original, and pretty, which encourage people to reach out and appreciate their loveliness resulting in new acquaintances.

If you are a plant lover and wear enamel pins that show your love, this may invite people who are also planting lovers to have a conversation with you.

If you are a sports person and reflect on your athletic hobbies through some sporty enamel pins, you may find more people sharing the same interest as yours through these little pins. Same way, if you are a tennis enthusiast or a sewing enthusiast, the enamel pins of tennis or a sewing machine will highlight your love for them.

How Are Enamel Pins Created?

Enamel pins are popular for creating bright, clear, and vivid hues with a glassy finishing that reflects light. Enamel pins are created from powdered glass that is then tinted and layered before it gets shaped into an eye-catching enamel pin.

Enamel pins can be utilized to indicate your political, business, and religious association. But in this new and more advanced century, the purpose of enamel has changed in some way or another. Now enamel pins are totally fun, crazy, and informal to style your backpack, jacket, jeans, or any other clothing in a more cool and intriguing way.

How Can I Wear An Enamel Pin On A Light Or Thin Fabric?

Thin fabric dresses and blouses cannot bear the weight of enamel pins. So to avoid any damage to your delicate garments, you can attach a small think square of cardboard. Place the cardboard on the inside of your clothing piece right behind the place you will put your pin.

Then you can put the pin through the material of your garment and through the card. After that, add the butterfly-clasp, that is, one type of pin back from the different types of pin back, and then cardboard will help carry all the weight of the enamel pin and protect the delicate material of your garment from tearing.

How To Create A Fashion Style With Your Creative Enamel Pins?

There are many ways you can add a fashion sense to your clothing pieces with the help of enamel pins. There are many new and remarkable ways of wearing enamel pins that will reflect your personal style.

You do not need to follow any rules of wearing enamel pins and be yourself. So you can be whatever you like to be, outrageous or original. So let us discuss some ways you can achieve the fashion style by putting on your new enamel pins.

  • Three-dimensional enamel pins are used to brighten up the plain women’s outfits.
  • Enamel pins are used to make a statement of your point that can be any social, personal, or political statement randomly and informally.
  • You can advertise your hobbies and leisure activities through the enamel pins. The activities and hobbies could be sports, photography, music, reading, dancing, baking, travelling, cats and other animal conservation, wine-making, and any other activity or hobby you enjoy.
  • The most interesting and essential advantage of enamel pins is that they make it effortless to start a conversation between people who share the same interests and hobbies. Enamel pins are a great way of finding kindred spirits or individuals you like your style.
  • Enamel pins are a great way of attracting the attention of people who may likely make some comments on them. They are a fantastic way of meeting and making new friends with whom you share something common.
  • And finally, enamel pins are worn for fun and reflect your unique personality.

From making a stand for human rights for everyone, love for pets, anti-nuclear wars, love for ice cream, and stand for veganism, and enamel pins are much more than a fashion assertion; they are a tiny profile of you.

The Different Types Of Pin Backs For Enamel Pins

From shirts to jackets to purses to book bags, enamel pins give you the freedom to reflect on yourself. However, an afterthought is involved in the designing process of these pins. A designer spends a huge amount of time on the design and style of the enamel pins.

The details and design take up a lot of effort of the designer, which may result in neglecting how the pin will be worn. The suitable type of pin backing is an essential matter to be taken care of to make the enamel pin complete.

So we are going to discuss the different types of pin-backs for enamel pins.

Butterfly Clasp

Butterfly clasps are also called military clutches, and they are the most used and most famous type of pin backings. A butterfly clasp has two metal tips squeezed to release and fasten a pin.

A backing butterfly clasp is a pretty reliable backing option as a standard pin. But it has a little drawback: with a little pressure on, the prongs of the clasps come undone and release the clutch. There is a risk of losing enamel pins that have this type of pin back.

Rubber Clutch

A rubber clutch is very simple to put off and on. This type of pin back is also a famous pin attachment option in which you have to push into the needlepoint of the pin to release and fasten the enamel pin.

The rubber clutches have gained popularity with the increasing use of enamel pins. They come in various colours to match the paint of the enamel pin. This type of pin back is very comfortable to wear against the skin.

Jewellery Clutch

The jewellery clutch features a mechanism of metal lock that fastens onto the needle pin. Jewellery clutches are famous for their strong latches compared to rubber clutches and butterfly clasps.

To fasten a jewellery clutch, the metal tip of the grip is pushed before its slips into the pinhole. These jewellery clutches are famous for their secure hold against the garment and design.

Magnetic Backing

This pin backing is ideal for fastening pin with thin and delicate material because it consists of two magnets. One of the magnets is attached to the hook, and another magnet is used to attach the fabric.

The magnetic backing is not a pin backing in the true sense because instead of piercing the material or fabric of the garment to pin down the enamel pin in position, it relies on the magnetic attraction between the two magnets.

You can attach the enamel pin to your clothes and other apparel without poking the material or the fabric.

Deluxe Clutch

A Deluxe clutch is pretty similar to a jewellery clutch. They are also known as the flathead locking clasps that feature the mechanism of internal locking that holds the pin needlepoint to release and fasten a pin into position.

These clutches are ideal and very secure to pin onto any outerwear like jackets or over the surface of a fabric that may face rough treatment, such as backpacks and purses.

Safety Pin

Many people are aware of this type of pin backing, and this option is much preferred because the risk of losing the enamel pin lessens to none. With detachable clutches, the risk of losing the pin is higher compared to safety pins. Many older and antique pins used to have this type of pin backing

Selecting From Different Types Of Pin-Backs

The selection of pinbacks depends upon personal preferences and aesthetics, but it will be good to consider the features of pinbacks whether they will suit your purpose or not. Some pins backs are good for garments; some are ideal for backpacks and purses. So choose the right one according to use.

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