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When it comes to the iconic handbags, it’s the simple ones that take the lead. Handbags help women to carry her whole world wherever she goes. It is one of the most trusted companions, but always confused about which bag should they use for which occasion? That is why we are here to help you out. Just like dresses, always keep in mind that different bags are created for different purposes. The right handbag with the right dress will give you a flattering look. Below is a list of handbags that you can use for different occasions.

Tote bag

Start with a Tote bag

The Tote bag is a large spacious bag that can hold everything you want to carry. You can use this bag every time when you go out for casual meetups, shopping with your friends, or just want to hang out with your loved ones. These types of bags are extremely in fashion and look just awesome. They are perfect for everyday use.


Say ‘HELLO’ to Style with Satchels

You want a compact bag that should be trendy but at the same time, that bag also provides you enough space to carry your stuff. Then you should go for a satchel bag. They come in exciting and fashionable colors. You can also carry these types of bags for your office purposes too. It has a small loop on the top of the bag to hold like a suitcase. It looks very classy.


Backpacks Which Do Not Lose Style

With the help of two straps on them, a backpack rests on both your shoulders. Which makes them comfortable, convenient, and easy to carry around. It can hold everything you want even your laptop. A backpack can go for both casual or formal occasions. Choose a leather backpack for official purposes.

Bucket bags

Bucket Like Fashionable Bags

Bucket bags? Sounds funny! These are in bucket shape bags with enough room to carry all your belongings. This gives it a unique look. It has a classic and retro feeling. This bag is mostly carried for casual purposes.

Sling Bag

Just Sling It

A very trendy look for teenagers. The sling bag can help you look fashionable and chic. Wear it across your body and be ready to rock and roll. They look perfect for casual purposes.

Purse Bag

Clutch It

These bags can be referred to as a modified erosion of a purse. Carry it every time you are going out to a party or on a special date. These are easy to hold and comes in a large variety of shapes and sizes.

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