Top Accessories for Your Custom Lapel Pins

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There are two main kinds of lapel pins that are produced, the ones that reflect some particular cause or the ones that are commercialized. The top accessories for your custom lapel pins are essential to pack them securely so they do not get damaged. Presentation is everything when showcasing lapel pins, and every retailer knows this fact.

Accessories make a huge difference while presenting the lapel pins like enamel pins, no matter if you are making the accessories for the pins for any retail environment or award ceremony. Presentation always is important, so let us move forward and check out some amazing accessories for the enamel pins.

Top Accessories For Your Custom Lapel Pins 2022

Here are some of the top accessories for your custom lapel pins, like enamel pins that will make the pins more presentable and appealing. So let us get started!

Velvet pouch

The velvet pouch is ideal for larger pins, and they offer an amazing regal look, and it will make the perfect top accessories for custom lapel pins.

Velvet case

Velvet cases are specifically designed to offer maximum presentation because velvet is a classy accessory for pins. The custom pins enclosed in the velvet case will look exceptionally good and appealing.

Acrylic case

Acrylic cases are specifically designed to provide an elevated feel and look. This accessory is ideal for both storage and unboxing. The custom pin packed inside the acrylic box will have padding that will secure the pin and make sure that the pins have a chic presentation.

Plastic bag

For people with a tight budget and who want something affordable and simple in terms of packaging, the plastic bag is the ideal accessory for the pins. Plastic bags are an excellent option to protect your custom pins and make them look presentable at minimum prices.

Steps To Design Lapel Pins

Here are multiple steps for designing lapel pins, so let us get down to it!

The Making Of A Concept

The first important thing to start anything is to have a worthwhile concept or idea. All the mega-projects of history started with a small idea and grew strong with coherent planning.

The phase of developing a great idea starts with the enamel pin. You may find it hard to select some suitable concept for designing an enamel pin. You can think about all your likes, hobbies, and other activities to make a concept like:

  • Your passion, fandoms, and hobbies.
  • Think about some of your toys, books, and other items.
  • Puns and wordplays.
  • The popular destination you like to explore.

You can entertain as many random ideas as possible because this will help you be creative and see different things from various angles.

Drawing Your Concept

Once you have decided upon a concept, the next step is to put it on paper. You can even ask some artist to draw down your artwork if you are doubtful of doing it yourself. The artwork has to be perfect so it will catch the eye of prospective buyers.

While sketching the concept, keep these specifications in mind:

  • Incorporate color in your design.
  • Avoid including unnecessary details.

Now convert your ideas

You have artwork on paper, but many enamel pin manufacturers only work with a digital PDF format. If you have sketched down your concept through a graphic designer or some other artist, you can ask them to convert the art into a PDF digital format.

You can also convert the art into a digital format by scanning the artwork, fine-tuning it with any designing software, editing some things, and saving the file.

Picking the correct materials

The fundamental difference between the enamel pins is the suitable material. You have to decide the appropriate and preferred material for your enamel pins. There is various material you can go for depending upon your likes and dislikes like:

  • Hard enamel.
  • Soft enamel.
  • Sandblasted and 3D.
  • Printed.
  • Numbering.
  • Black stamp.
  • Screen printing.

Going For The Suitable Manufacturer

This is the most crucial step for enamel pin creators and often frustrates them. It is hard to select a worthy manufacturer to get everything right about your concept and artwork.

There are few competent manufacturers out there that know their job. The first option is to go for local manufacturers and observe their manufacturing process. You can select overseas options if you do not have regional manufacturers.

Here are some factors you should be mindful of about the manufacturers

  • Quality – is the most important thing to consider while selecting a manufacturer.
  • Time – you have to be sure about the time you can provide the manufacturer to get the order done and will the order be completed in the given time.
  • Quantity – make sure the manufacturer can deal with a large order.

Packaging options

The next step is the packaging option to pack your enamel pins. It would be best if you went for appealing and professional packaging choices because you will have the upper hand in the market, and the packaging will also help to take the product to the wholesaler.

Check Copyright

The creation of design also faces the risk of copyright laws and infringement. If you want to take your product for commercial purposes, you must avoid breaking copyright laws.

Set a budget

The tricky bit has come: setting a budget for designing an enamel pin. You need to ensure that you don’t cross your budget and divide it according to the processes. You have to keep the manufacturer’s rate, packaging prices, and other matters that need expenses.

Wait for the complete order

Now the time to wait to see the final product has come. You are done with the concept, scanned the artwork, and made the proper editing. After that, you send it to the manufacturer, and the creation process starts. Now all you have to do is wait to see the end product.


The top accessories for custom lapel pins are essential to pack them securely, so they do not get damaged. Presentation is everything when showcasing lapel pins, and every retailer knows this fact.

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