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PVC Gun Patches are getting famous day by day, and they are putting back some of the traditional patches behind them, like embroidery patches. The reason for PVC patches‘ popularity is their vibrancy, durability, high quality, and modern look. Although PVC patches are pretty famous, some people do not know their main uses and other information about them. PVC patches are popular for military uniforms because they are tear-resistant and long-lasting, just what the military uniform need.

The gun is the most used and the most important weapon of any military person. A gun is also an auxiliary weapon for every other type of law enforcement department or service. It is also used quite a lot in the security of civilians, sports competitions, and hunting. Some people like to collect guns, and they are also fond of any gun-related merch.

So PVC gun patches are a hit among people who want the PVC gun patches of their favourite gun. Military enthusiasts like to research every type of gun and want others to know about their passion. So what could be more suitable than PVC gun patches for this purpose?

PVC Gun Patches

PVC gun patches work tremendously for military or gun enthusiasts to show off their collection or fondness of arms. Getting PVC gun patches is the next step for gun enthusiasts. There are a lot of guns for which PVC patches can be made. Some of those are pretty affordable and common so getting a patch of them is pretty easy.

Apart from that, some high-end guns that are also available are the dream gun of some gun collectors. So if they cannot afford them, they can easily get PVC gun patches of them so that they can attach them to their hats, jackets, jeans, or bags.

Which Custom PVC Gun Patch Is Best?

We cannot say which PVC gun patches will be best for you because everyone has their own liking and preferences depending on the gun’s function, look, and usage. So we have named some common guns that will make great PVC patches. So take a look at them.

G26 pistol, a 3rd Generation Glock

G26 is a handgun that is ideal for a PVC gun patch. It is manufactured and designed by an Austrian gun maker known as Glock. This gun is the pocket version of a different gun known as the Glock 17. It is best known for its amazing magazine of ten rounds. The only drawback of this gun is that there is a sort of imbalance between the performance and size of the pistol.

HK UMP Gun Submachine

This gun model also makes a good PVC patch because the PVC will get all the beautiful details of the gun right. No other patch can do them justice this gun deserves except for the PVC patch. This gun is a rifle that Koch and Heckler created in 1998. Many armed forces widely use it because of its amazing performance. It has easy disassembly and a small backseat, and it is best known for its exceptional performance.

HK416 Rifle

You can also get a PVC patch for this gun as well because no other patch can get all the details of this right like a PVC patch. So your first option has to be PVC for gun patches. PVC patch of gun van be created in many colours, design and minute details will be highly prioritized. The main feature of this gun is that it can maintain gun stability and firepower exceptionally.

M24 Sniper Rifle

This is the favourite gun of most military fans, and if they cannot get their hands on it, they are ready to go for the second-best option: getting a PVC patch of this outstanding gun. This weapon is more than just a rifle, and police officers and military officers primarily use it. It also became a standard weapon in the US army in 1998 because of its remarkable performance.

What is a PVC Patch?

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride, a plastic-like durable, and flexible material that has several functions in almost every type of industry. PVC makes great patches because it is long-lasting, vibrant, modern-looking, and high-quality. The rubber-like material of PVC patches is tear-resistant, so it is ideal for military uniforms because it will not be damaged in the rain, sun, or other outdoor conditions.

PVC is a perfect material for patches because it can be easily cleaned, and it does not alter its shape at high or low temperatures. Every business is now inclining towards PVC patches because of their so many uses and advantages.

How And Where To Use PVC Patches?

PVC is gaining popularity steadily in every industry, especially in the clothing industry. No such clothing remains in this world that does not have any kind of patch on it. The preferences and requirements of every business change from time to time, and with the PVC patches’ popularity, almost all businesses want PVC patches for their products.

The main use of PVC patches is for law enforcement uniforms because they are vibrant and durable and can withstand every type of weather, either hot or cold, without changing their shape or quality.

How are PVC Patches Made?

The main thing in the manufacturing of PVC patches is the customizing effects that will make your custom PVC gun patches unique and noticeable from a distance. The things to consider while getting custom PVC patches are the shape, size, color, backing options, and other factors in mind.

All it takes is an idea or a vision, and half of the work are done, and then the designer will carry your ideas into a product.

Select a Dimension For The Custom Patch

To enhance PVC patches’ whole look, you need to choose between 2D and 3D dimensions. Both dimensions will transform the patch’s look and appeal and make it look more vibrant and attractive. The design, logo, and other elements will look eye-catching with 3D and 2D dimensions.

Select Any Shape For The Custom Patch

The next thing to select is the shape for the custom PVC patch. There are no limitations in the shape of the PVC patch, and you have all the freedom to think out of the box. So you can get your custom PVC patches in any shape you want; you can also go for unconventional shapes to make the patch look unique for your brand.

Choose A Size For The Custom Patch

The size is also up to your preference and requirement. You can get your custom PVC patch in any size you want. The maximum size for such patches is 15 inches so you can choose a size smaller than or equal to this measurement.

Select Some Colours For The Custom Patch

The next thing to choose for your custom patch is the colour scheme. You have to decide on base colours and contrast colours for your custom patch. There are options, so they are hard if you have not made up your mind

Choose Any Backing Or Attachment Option

The backing option includes Velcro, sew-in, iron-on, and adhesive, and you can choose to depend upon which option suits you best.


PVC gun patches are super essential and famous among gun enthusiasts, and they want to get patches of their favourite weapons. So in this article, we have discussed all the necessary details about the PVC patches to make buying them easy for you.

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