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Outdoor patches for more adventurous outdoor activities

Social media has always grasped us busy in capturing any moment we live in. People settle everything around with more purpose of catching pictures so that events could be memorized well. The outdoor activities camping, hunting, boating, horse-riding, biking has always been the most adopting adventures. Outdoor patches are the best way to mark your recreation more excitedly. To do your outdoor spot available, Austin Trim has generously jot some tips, so you don’t miss the fun ahead.


Designing an outdoor patch required a step forward effort and perspective to shine a bit more, to make your patch stand out we have options to give it 3d texture. Use of neon thread, with its unique shinning character and frayed edges, it provides extraordinary vision for your spot. This reflective material is best for night outdoor activities and fun.

Backing Options:

For seamless patch fixing. It’s imperative to select on backing options so that it can endure all your actions without the fear of detachment. We would suggest you with the most secure backing option is sew-on backing or iron-on backing.


PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, which is a type of plastic. We highly recommend you to opt for a PVC patch because they would never get faded whatever the weather remains around. They are waterproof and very soft to clean, and they always look so fascinating. On the other hand, you should also know that these labels are 1/3 more expensive than a custom embroidered patch because it requires a mold to be made, and the process is a little complex too. In addition to this, you should be aware that the PVC patch represents the design well than the small readable detail.

We have summed up a few recommendations; you have the choice to pick the material or anything which looks significant to your vision. A custom outdoor patch is a perfect option for picnics, fishing .summer camps, or any outdoor adventure. We love to design your thoughts with the usage of bright threads and can capture the detail of any activity with animals, hills, greenery, and water to give it a more natural look. We love to design your thoughts and insights.

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