How To Remove Embroidery Patch logo?

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Hand Embroidery

Last Updated on July 24, 2021 by hamza

Embroidery is the most commonly used method to add style and detail to your clothing. It looks good on your clothes as long as you want it. If you plan to remove the embroidery patch you can easily do it. There are multiple ways to remove the patch.

removing hand embroidery

Removing hand embroidery


Turn the shirt back to the front, so that the patch seam should be visible.


Grab the seam opener and slide it under the stitches and push the crease opener forward, so it cut the lines.


Use the tweezers to haul each stitch out.


Do the brush over the front of your cloth to get rid of wanderer strings and it’s ready to wear without the embroidery patch.

removing ahnd embroidery

Removing machine embroidery


Turn the shirt back to the front, slide your hand under, and have the weaved part rest in your palm.


Now look for the white bobbin string it could be a little dubious as the fastens are a lot more modest than the lines of handstitched embroidery.


Once you find it, use the same method as before, push the crease opener to cut the lines but this time you go under 40-50 lines at a time, It’s less time-consuming and it’s done.

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