How To Design Holographic Stickers

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How To Design Holographic Stickers

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Custom stickers are tremendous for lighting up the mood with their cool, funky, light-hearted, and humorous images and messages. If you like holographic stickers and wondering how to design holographic stickers with remarkable colors then you came to the right place. Custom Stickers are very fantastic and magical in their ability to lighten the mood and make people laugh over, and adore the cuteness and uniqueness of their style and design. Custom clear stickers are good for water bottles, product labels, shampoo bottles, car windows, mirrors, and another such items. They are transparent so they have the ability to match anything and everything.

So let us talk more about designing holographic stickers.

Some Easy And Quick Steps Of How To Design Holographic Stickers In 2022

Holographic stickers are very reflective and colorful and they are made of vinyl that provides your design with a creative and unique luster. Let us look at some tips on how to design holographic stickers to make them stand out.

Leave Some Empty Spaces On The Holographic Design

Leaving some space apart from the design will make the whole design more prominent and the colors will pop out more. This will increase the holographic effect of the whole sticker. The whole stickers will have an ideal shine.

Adjust And Choose A Color

You can select and adjust the colors any way you like to make the holographic sticker stand out. The holographic vinyl will shine and attract more attention when it is blended with light and soothing colors. The black colors do not offer the same effect as the lighter ones with the holographic material.

Go For White And Black

Almost all the colors blend well with the holographic effect but there is nothing like black and white because it completely blocks out the effect. Going for black and white will make the holographic sticker more admirable and eye-catching. This will make a very compelling contracting effect that will highlight the stickers.

Select Background Color

The colored background will have a great effect otherwise the whole design will be very over the top and confusing to tell apart. So the color of the design and background color should be different to make a nice and beautiful holographic effect. Austin Trim is famous for its amazing quality stickers that are eye-pleasing and catchy. We believe in client satisfaction is the most important factor along with good-quality products. So this is the time to get yourself a great deal with us!

How Can You Design Other Types Of Custom Stickers?

Stickers are the best way of customizing any type of personal item whether it is a laptop, phone cover, sports bike, water bottle, dirt bike, or home or office walls. There are thousands and thousands of ideas to customize your surroundings with custom stickers. We are going to answer the most important question you have about how to design the best custom stickers quickly. So let us get down to it!

  • You can design the stickers with a favorite word, quote, character or letter.
  • You can choose the material of custom sticker you like best for your things.
  • You can choose between vinyl stickers, clear stickers or metallic stickers, and also Kraft paper stickers.
  • You can also get a custom sticker of the name of your team, group, or organization.
  • You can get your own artwork turned into a custom sticker or you can hire a professional illustrator or designer for the job.
  • You can then send the design to a custom sticker-making company and get your most coveted custom stickers made.

The Advantages Of Using Stickers

Compared to various promotional items, stickers are the most cost-effective and influential way of promoting and branding your brand.

  • Stickers are great for branding.
  • They are ideal for advertising and promoting your brand.
  • They are customizable so you can use them anywhere.
  • They are used as labels for different products.
  • They are used as small gifts to customers.
  • They are used in packaging.
  • They are amazing for decoration.

Stickers are a significant investment and pretty reasonable compared to multiple other tools of advertisement. Prospects and customers remarkably perceive them, making custom stickers more valuable and effective

How Can Stickers Be Used For Business Promotion?

Brand advertising and promotion are an almost overlooked benefit of custom stickers. Before everything went online through the internet and social media, different types of stickers were used as a beneficial source of promoting the brand. Custom stickers are very popular among companies for making their customer take notice. A sudden rise in stickers is a form of bridge between the brand and the customer.


In this segment, we discussed how to design holographic stickers with distinctive colors and for that you came to the right place. Holographic stickers are really amazing and they can be designed in various ways. Custom holographic stickers are very popular among companies for making their customer take notice.

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