How To Create Your Own Custom Challenge Coin

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How To Create Your Own Custom Challenge Coin

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Challenge coins are generally metal coin or medallion that bears the logo or insignia of an organization or a logo or emblem carried by the member or individual of any organization. To answer the question of how to create your own custom challenge it is a very easy process with simple and easy-to-follow steps. Austin Trim makes good quality, cost-effective custom challenge coins that will meet your every requirement and they will perfectly suit your brand’s image. Challenge coins are gaining a lot of popularity because of their versatility. They are widely preferred instead of trophies and awards by employees and staff due to their appealing looks. So let us get started with this article. Challenge coins are ideal for every purpose like decorations, branding, customizing, and of course label or logo branding. Ordering and answering the question of how to create your own custom challenge coins easily and quickly has super easy and straightforward steps. So let us get down to it!

Things To Be Mindful Of While Customizing Challenge Coins

Things To be mindful for customizing challenge coins

  1. First, choose the challenge coin you like.
  2. Pick out the material type, color, and design of the challenge coin.
  3. If you made the artwork or already have the artwork for the challenge coin then the process can be started immediately.
  4. If you have to make the design and still have to pick out the design then the company designers will help you.
  5. Now select the size of the challenge coin you want.
  6. Choose the shape or cut you like best.
  7. You can select the number of articles or the bulk number for the challenge coins.
  8. It is time for you can submit the order.

Size Of The Challenge Coins

The size is also up to your needs, preference, and also requirement. For you can get your that how to create your own custom challenge coin in any size you like and you can select a size smaller than or equal to this measurement.

Color Of The Coin
Color of the coin

You need to choose a color for your custom sticker from the color scheme. You must decide on base and contrast colors for your custom sticker. There are many options, so it can be hard if you have not made up your mind about which color you want to go with.

Type Of Coin You Like

There are different types of challenge coins available as well you can choose between them. There are hard enamel challenge coins, soft enamel challenge coins, epoxy resin challenge coins, 3D challenge coins, and Die struck challenge coins.

Dimension Of The Challenge Coin

The symmetry, design, logo, and other elements will look appealing and eye-catchy with 3D and 2D dimensions. Both dimensions will transform the challenge coins’ look and overall appeal and will make them seem more attractive, creative, and vibrant.

Shape And Edge Cut Of The Challenge Coin

The next thing to pick is the edge cut and shape for the custom challenge coin. There are no limitations in the cut or shape of the coin. You have all the free freedom to think outside of the box.

You can even get your own custom challenge coin in any cut or shape you like and; you can also go for unconventional shapes to make the coin look different for your brand.

Order Custom Challenge Coin With Us

Custom challenge coins are very popular in the brand and the companies for doing something extra and making their customer stop and take notice.

Step One

To start the process, you need to ensure that the artwork or any other design you have decided upon for your custom challenge coin is available in an accessible file. The artwork file will have to be then used in the designing and manufacturing process by the online company. Then it will be good to go for a company that offers great and unlimited artwork revision and also free artwork designing services.

Step Two

Most of the challenge coins-making companies that both advertise or sell custom challenge coins provide the customer with free shipping because all of the different shipping services do not have the same things. A standard shipping or free shipping service for shipping challenge coins takes between some months to a couple of weeks for the custom product to reach you.

Step Three

The last factor to consider for choosing an online custom challenge coin maker is that they offer you an authorized document or written document to offer a guarantee that they will offer top-notch challenge coins.

This guarantee will be good to offer you peace of mind and you will rest assured that your custom challenge coins will be formed free from manufacturing defects and of course top-notch quality.

With design and artwork done before the process of order, you be getting the challenge coins in a few hours if you have to make the coins.


In this segment, we explained How to create your own custom challenge coin? The answer is quite simple we will help you with it and explain all the steps that will get you your custom challenge coins. Austin Trim allows the customer to make custom challenges in whichever way they like.

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