How Leather Patches Add value to Your Brand?

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Leather patch manufacturing is one of our critical business section. We know the significance of a congruous leather patch and the value that it adds to your product/brand. Our devoted team is here to make sure your stamp is ideal.

We offer Clothing Leather Patches, Fashion Leather Patch, Branded Leather Patch, Designer Leather Patch, PU Leather Patch, and Garment Leather Patch to add colors to your product. These custom patches and labels would give your garment that hale, high-quality touch for which you were looking. From brawny leather labels to thinner, designer-quality suede, we have all the options for our precious customers.


With versatile selections of leather material and shades, plus various craftsmanship applications, we are self-confident to convey your exclusive designs specifically as your draft. Customized Leather Patches & Labels are available in many dimensions and frames with logos displayed by silkscreen printing, digital printing, laser engraving, embossed or debossed or blended procedures. These leather patches can be Velcro on caps, sewed, ironed on a jacket, bag, or to attach personalization to your team’s rider’s jackets, add some aptitude to your pants. Or maybe looking for a bizarre present for your loved ones, Austin Trim can sound up precisely for your requirement.


  • Material: Pure leather or PU leather
  • Leather Colors: Multiple choices
  • Custom Logo: Debossed, embossed, laser engraved, screen or UV printed or combined techniques
  • Size & Shape: Any
  • Application: Stitched on, ironed on, stuck on, or Velcro-on just like any other patch style

Our machinery allows more all-embracing features to be viewed in the patch. Our project supervisors will view your vector art files and inform you of any implied issues that will arise prior to jumping into production. We also tender a specimen patch for your final approval.

Over the years, Austin Trim has been producing custom leather labels and patches for organizations and brands to support them in setting a unique identification. Spring with Austin Trim to add your company logo or personal design and build your Leather Patch or labels. We look forward to laboring with you soon.

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