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Austin Trim & Wholesale customize patches for police departments and law enforcement agencies. Besides the badge, custom police patches are one of the first things seen by the public. Officers undergo rigorous inspections to ensure that their uniforms are presentable. The finest that you care and appreciate their bravery and sacrifice. We extremely appreciate the amazing work police officers do and we have such gratitude towards them. They make our cities and communities much safer and risk their lives doing so. We take pride in the police patches we make, creating quality products that contribute to the success of others. These patches are crafted with the efforts of our skilled designers, artist, and manufacturers. Our professional artists and graphic specialists work with logos and interpreting new designs from scratch. There are many pieces that make up a law enforcement uniform such as badges, nameplates, ranking stripes, specialty patches, medals, pens, handcuffs, etc. Each patch represents its own reason and value.

Police Patches - Austintrim

A lot of patches that officers find most meaningful. Even though, patches can be worn in honor of people, events, and memorable moments. At Austin Trim, we offer a wide variety of patch materials and styles, like the variety of patch materials and styles, like those made from PVC, which are designed for the ultimate durability and functionality. These can be made with sewings channels or other adhesive backings. Our team has plenty of experience creating custom police patches and for both police departments and law enforcement agencies. We offer different types of patch styles, you have many choices when choosing a manner that best represents the reason for your wanting a custom police patch. To get started simply fill out our form. Rest assured that our courteous team will take the headache out of ordering the perfect custom police patches.

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