10 Custom Patches and Pin Ideas For School Backpacks

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custon patch and pin ideas

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With schools already opened like middle schools, elementary schools, and high schools for all school-goers, they need fantastic backpack decoration ideas. Furthermore, the universities and colleges will start their new sessions in September around the country, so the students will want to look for new backpacks and make them unique. All students want something cool and unique when it comes to school backpacks because they want to be classy yet personalized backpacks so they can greatly showcase their likes and hobbies with custom patch and pin ideas.

When it comes to customizing one’s bag, everyone has many ideas about their favourite character, movies, hobbies, and travel destinations. Custom patch and pin ideas are great for personalizing your backpack just the way you want them, and these custom patch and pin ideas are also great for accessories and clothing. As they are durable and removable, they are great for backpacks. Pins like custom metal pins, personalized pins, and custom acrylic pins are great for decoration, and they are also long-lasting.

Here at Austin Trim, the exceptional pin creators can bring your awesome ideas to reality and will make your backpack look out of this world with custom patch and pin ideas. We are pin makers online that will give life to your ideas for your backpack. So let us get down to it.

Custom Patch And Pin Ideas For Backpacks

Custom patches are textured and durable, and they are ideal for showing off your unique personality from just a plain little backpack. Austin Trim will help you create patches of all colours, sizes, and shapes from any material or style you want.

You can choose between woven patches, embroidery patches, chenille patches, and PVC patches to highlight your distinct personality.

If you like classic raised threads, the embroidery patches are a great option and if you want fine detailing for your patches, then woven patches are ideas for you. Apart from that, different backing options are available that will quickly assist you in applying the patch to the desired place.

So custom patches and pins are great for backpacks, and here are some ideas for patches for you to look at and choose.

The Custom Patch Of Bob Ross

Who does not know Bob Ross? A famous painter who could be the ideal choice to accompany you on your backpack to school. The patch of Bob Ross will highlight your idol and that you love arts and painting. Making a patch with vivid colours with Bob Ross as a realistic picture will be worth it.

The Custom Patch Of Music Junkie

You must like to listen to music! Who does not? So the patch that will feature some music personality with bold colours and retro font will be highly ideal for you. The bulky embroidery will also add to the appeal of the patch.

Music lovers are fans of patches that will showcase some bold hues and rich text and musical instruments. There are tons of ideas available to which you can add your own unique touch. So you can select your favourite band, lyrics, and song name and make an excellent and classy patch.

The Custom Patch Of Small Town Girl

These patches are great for female students who have left their hometown for school. The patch for small-town girls will show their courage and confidence in leaving their favourite place. The patch can also present their favourite lyrics from a song about a journey with unique colours and designs.

The Custom Patch Of Rainbow Parrot

Parrots are cute, clever, and beautiful, and if you are a fan of pirates, you will also be fond of pirates. If you like many colours, a patch of rainbow parrot is a great choice because it will showcase everything you look for, exotic colours and clever birds, and change your backpack’s drab look.

The Custom Patch Of Fluffy Cat

Cat lovers cannot resist getting everything cat-related, so if you are fond of cats, these patches will be perfect for you. You can even get a custom patch of your cat, and then you can take her with you to school. How awesome is that? So a patch of a fluffy cat will be a fantastic way to show your love, and such patches will also attract some other cat lovers.


The Custom Patch Of Colorful Musician

The lovers of music can get their patches in the form of a colourful musician with some bold and vibrant colours and fantastic text. The love of music will be carried out differently in this patch type. The contrasting colours will add a funky pop to the patch.

The Custom Patch Of Textured Animals

A backpack with an embroidery animal patch on it will instantly catch a lot of attention and look incredible against the bring backpack. So there are many options for animals like monkeys, elephants, cats, and dogs that will transform your backpack in a good way.

The Custom Patch Of Food

The custom patches that will feature some of your favourite food items are a unique and popular idea. You can get a colourful pizza patch, chocolate, or burger patch. This way, you will be creative as well as funny. These patches will communicate your particular style and sense of humour. Such patches will also show that you have an amazing taste in eatables.

It is a great way to be never taken seriously as a student in a college. So get a food patch right now.

The Custom Patch Of Mountains And Travelling

A school backpack can be used in many ways, and one of those is taking the backpack for hiking or travelling on the weekends. So a patch with mountains or any other weekend getaway picture will show others your hobby.

This is a great way to show your fondness for travelling and wanderlust. Other travel enthusiasts will also like and appreciate your creativity.

The Custom Pins Ideas For Backpacks

Customs pins about your hobbies and other likes will add charm and some pop of colour to your backpack. Backpacks can be boring if they are not covered with vibrant coloured pins that show your hobbies, favourite character, or favourite food. To make the backpack incredible and attractive, you have many options to adorn your backpack.

The Sandwich Pin

The sandwich pin will feature an amazing-looking cute sandwich that will highlight your foodie soul and your love for sandwiches. You can also add some funny quotes to make the pin look complete. You can get any sandwich you want, even a burrito or taco design, and add some personalized touch to it.

The Rose Pin

A rose is a great way to symbolize love and fondness for sweet-smelling flowers. If you have a rose on your backpack, it does not need any words. Roses are decorative and beautiful pins that are great for backpacks. They have a classy female touch so that you can get them in any colour.

The Plastic Suck Pin

These pins will be great to raise your voice against the harms of plastic. You can be cool yet socially conscious with these kinds of pins. Such pins are pretty famous these days so that every student can put them on their backpacks.


Custom patch and pin ideas are a great way to decorate your dull-looking backpack. You can be funny, creative, and socially conscious with these accessories. There are a lot of ideas or options available regarding both pins and patches, so choose them according to your preferences.

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