Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are generally a medallion or metal coin that bears the insignia of an organization or a logo or emblem carried by the member of any organization. Challenge coins have a traditional value for military individuals. They were basically used by the service women and men to show their exclusive membership to their organization and to enhance their morale.
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Challenge Coins: A Collector’s Item

Challenge coins are historically awarded to the military soldiers by their unit commander in appreciation and recognition of some remarkable and courageous achievements.
Challenge coins are traded and exchanged during the visits of various international organizations during service tours.
Challenge coins are heavily collected by some retired and active law enforcement personnel and service members.

The pros of custom challenge coins

  • They are the modern and unique form of reward.
  • They are highly valued among the soldiers and other law enforcement departments.
  • They are the epitome of comradeship.
  • They are very elegant and eye-catching.
  • They are budget-friendly.
  • Challenge coins are a great way to promote companies and brands.
  • Manu staffs prefer challenge coins instead of trophies or badges.
  • They are a modern way of showing appreciation and support.
  • Challenge coins are great to showcase your brand or company logo.
  • They are very distinguishable and appealing to the eye.
  • They are very versatile and highly customizable with different shapes, designs, styles and colors.
  • Challenge coins are ideal for motivation and support.
  • They are way cheaper than trophies.
  • Challenge coins are easy to carry so they are highly portable.
  • They can foster the message, value and culture of an organization or institution.
  • They are ideal to showcase ones achievement and accomplishments.

Different Types Of Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have different types, and every type is more impressive than the other. Let’s look at some of the types of challenge coins.

Modern Challenge coins

he more modern and advanced challenge coins are created and designed in new and exciting ways to make them unique and special for the challenge coins enthusiasts. They are manufactured in various sizes and designs to reflect different cultures, ideas, and organizations.

Custom Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins make a brand or organization stand out among the masses. They will strengthen the bond between the receiver and the giver. Personalizing your challenge coins with intricate details, patterns, vivid colors, and moving parts will add a special touch and uniqueness to your product.

Soft Enamel Challenge Coin

Soft does not mean soft but a coin with edges that can be felt when touched. The soft challenge coin is a type of challenge coin where the surface has not been polished. The coin’s raised edges and textured feel make it unique and appealing to the eye.

Hard Enamel Challenge Coin

Hard enamel challenge coins have a luxurious and more refined feel to them. They are created by stamping the design on the coin. It does not have raised edges; instead, it has a soft feel because they are polished to give them a unique sheen.

3D cast challenge coins

Such coins have a 3D design cast over the surface of the coin. These coins have recessed and raised areas like the sculptures.

Die struck challenge coin

Die-struck challenge coins are created with a steel die to strike a design or image onto the flat space of copper, iron, or brass coin. These coins can be created in 3D and 3D detailing with enhanced design, detain, and size

Epoxy challenge coins

Epoxy challenge coins have a thick layer that gives them a distinct and tough look. The surface of the challenge coin gets shiny and smooth. These types of challenge coins are an affordable and unique option compared to hard enamel challenge coins.

What do Challenge coins illustrate?

For ages, challenge coins have been a symbol of achievement and camaraderie. They illustrate the sense of belonging to a particular team, unit, business, and organization. They are the sign of achieving goals and milestones together as a group or team. They are often worn or used on a special anniversary, event, or significant achievement.

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