Braid-Like Embroidery Stitches for Textured, Bold Lines

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There’s nothing more striking on an embroidery piece than a bold line with texture! Braid-like embroidery stitches lend an elegant touch.

These stitches add texture and dimension to your needlework. These stitches are designed to mimic braids, cords or ropes. They give your designs a unique, intricate look.

Texture and bold lines keep the eye focused. In embroidery, it is common to want the eye drawn towards a certain area. Once it is drawn, the texture of the nice, chunky, braid-like lines can draw the viewer in.

Hand embroidery can benefit from braid-like lines, whether they are bold or delicate. They are great for outlines. They’re also perfect for stems, tendrils and lettering. They add interest and texture to samplers. It’s good to always have an arsenal of braided line stitches at your disposal.

You can use these five techniques on your own projects.

5 Braid-Like Embroidery Stitches for Textured, Bold Lines

The intricate detailing of the braid-like embroidery stitches adds a luxurious feel.

Try these stitches if you want to add some texture to your embroidery. They’re fun!

  1. Spanish Knotted Feather Stitch: This stitch is easy to learn, combining twisted chain stitch and feather stitch. It has a great rhythm and looks fantastic in compact form.
  2. Plaited Braid Stitch: The plaited braid stitch is a versatile technique that adds intricate detail to embroidery projects.
  3. Cable Plait Stitch (or Braid Stitch): Cable Plait Stitch is a simple stitch that can be learned.This stitch is great for delicate and narrower lines.
  4. Interlaced Chain Stitch: The color selections are what give it its braided look.The stitch may not look like a braid if you use two colors that are contrasting, but the result is a nice, interwoven, textured line.
  5. Hungarian Braided Chain Stitch: Easy to do and fun to work up, Hungarian Chain Stitch produces a compact, braided chain.

Other Stitches

There are many braided lines stitches to choose from! These are my top five, but there are also these other stitches that you can look at:

Raised chain stitch

Creates a raised band that looks like a braid

Heavy chain stitch

Creates delicate braids depending on your thread weight.

Raised buttonhole stitch

Though it does not braid, it can appear as a more textured interwoven band

Chinese knot stitch

Can appear textured and interwoven when it is worked in a compact row.

Basket stitch

Creates a flatter, braided line and is useful for filling.

What embroidery Stitch Looks Like A Braid?

Cable Plait stitch

Braid Stitch belongs to the Chain Stitch family. It is also known as Cable Plait Stitch and Gordian knot stitch. This linear stitch creates a textured, braided line. The stitch holds curves even though it’s slightly raised. The braid stitch is useful for creating a fine line or solid border.

What Embroidery Stitch Is Used For Thick Letters?

Chain Stitch creates a line that is bulkier than most outline stitches. However, it is quite cozy and reminds of knitting. It’s perfect for medium to large letters as well as filling thicker sections.

What Is The Easiest Embroidery Stitch For Outlining?

Back Stitch can be used to embroider text, or even fill in small spaces. Start by pulling the thread through the fabric a stitch away from your starting point. Bring the needle back to the beginning. Imagine that you are stitching backwards.


Braid-like embroidery stitches are a great way to add dimension and texture to your needlework. These stitches offer endless creative and expressive possibilities; whether you want a more traditional or modern look. You can create intricate braided patterns by mastering techniques like the cable stitch, herringbone stitch and chain stitch.

Explore the endless possibilities of braid-like stitching to give your embroidery a personal touch.


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