Bias Binding Tape

Bias Binding Tape

Bias Binding tape is mostly utilized on the bibs, quilts and edges of placemats. The tape is often used around the neckline edges and armhole. Furthermore, they are often utilized as a simple strap instead of a facing, and a tie for clothing for some casual bags

It is a narrow fabric or strip of fabric that is plainly weaved and cut with a bias. The weave of the fabric has a 45-degree angle that results in a fabric that is way lot stretchier.

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  • They are great for trims and décor.
  • Bias binding tape is used for piping.
  • It is used for button hole loops.
  • It is also utilized in finishing the seams.
  • They are utilized for ties and drawstrings
  • They are ideal for binding edges.
  • Washing bias binding tape often will reduce its finishing.

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