How Do I Make A Backing Card For Pins?

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backing cards for pins

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A backing card or a backer card is a small piece of a card stock, a little thicker than a business card, attached or present on the back of enamel pins or other accessories like jewelry. Backing cards for pins is the most ideal and common way to pack hard enamel pins and soft enamel pins. Backing cards for pins are more than just packaging because they act like a whole canvas that allows you the freedom and space to share your company or brand and its creativity beyond the limits of the enamel or lapel pins.

A thoughtful and beautiful message containing a backing card is an excellent way to achieve an impressive presentation and showcase your creativity, whether you are designing the pins for sale or planning to give them to your employees. Pins deserve the beautiful display that the backing card provides.

The Size Of The Backing Cards For Pins

Backing cards for pins must be big enough to fit everything you would like buyers to see. The backing card has to be thick enough that it does not get bent during shipping and storing.

A regular backing card has a size of 2″ x 2″ square or 2″ x 3″ rectangle, and the standard of the backing card is between 0.5 mm to 1mm.

The backing card includes all the essential details

Backing cards like tiny billboards give you space to promote your brand and share the creativeness and uniqueness of your business. So it is vital that you add some valuable details to them.

Social media account information

Do not forget to add your social media account information on the backer card because it is a great way to increase your followers. Place your account handle and the icons of social media platforms on the front of the backing card.

Contact information

The most important thing to add is the contact information details like your email address or website. Whenever someone gifts someone a pin or posts the pin on any social media website, other people would want to know where they are from.


Use these mini billboards to increase your brand recognition and awareness by including the brand logo, color scheme, and specialized font for the backing cards for pins. Even the tiniest backing cards have tons of benefits, so you should take advantage of this opportunity.

Backing Cards Include Meaningful And Unique Words

It would be fantastic to add some unique words that you would like to say to all of your customers. So backing cards provide this opportunity to remind people about you.

A fun message

You can also add some funny messages on the backing card. There are multiple ways to increase the appeal of the backing card; you can add

  • Inspirational words.
  • A fun fact.
  • A pun.
  • Or some real facts. 

Personal note

A personal note will directly tell the customers about the person behind the creation of the pun they have just bought. You can add your signature because it is common for artists to add some kind of personal effect to their artwork.

Award details

Pins are a great way to give honor awards to teammates, customers, and employees. Most of the time, a small pin cannot contain all the detail, so you should take advantage of the backing card to add some message for a meaningful event.

Backing Cards Add Visual Flair

Whenever someone sees some creative and eye-catching packaging, such as a fantastic backing card, some part of our brain connected with impulse decision and rewards light up. The meaning is that an attractive backing card will increase your sales and catch the eye of more customers.

Use vivid color to make the pin pop

To attract some eyeballs toward your pins, you should go for a bright and beautiful color for your backing card. It should relate to the color and design of the pin to increase its attractiveness.

The color of the backing card should complement the beauty and design of the pin it carries, not compete with it, so it is necessary that you should select a suitable color.

Incorporation of a pin with the baking card design

The most creative way to use the backing cards for pins is to make the design or artwork of the pin look like a natural addition to the pin. It is up to the artist to use the backing card to make the pin stand out. So you can add some artwork that will incorporate and highlight the artwork of the pin and make it look more appealing.

A way to send any visual message

You can use the backing card to give some visual message like equal rights for women, and everyone is equal, gender rights, and gender roles. Whether you are using a rainbow to show acceptance and inclusion or a pink ribbon to increase cancer awareness, the backing card visually delivers the ethos that drives your business.

Make multiple backing card design

You can create a backing card in multiple designs and colors to suit the flexibility of your pins and their artwork. It is a terrific way to present all your products. Even pins with the same design have different color backing cards that match the design’s colors.

So color matters a lot so go with whatever first strikes.

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